The Bell at Sealey Head

Author: Patricia A. McKillip

ISBN: 9780441016303
Pages: 277
Description: Dream a little dream of a little book, perfect in every way; a story about a little village on the seacoast, less than perfect but full of charm, a lived-in village with charming, lived-in characters; a village with a mysterious crumbling manor with many doors to another world: a world of rituals and ravenous crows and glassy-eyed knights and a trapped princess and an uncertain doom; the world of a castle, a castle in a book.

Dream a dream of spells, two wizards and a wood witch and her daughter, and a strange bell that tolls from nowhere each night; dream a dream of a little romance, sweet and pure.

A book about books, about the wonder of reading, about readers and their voyages and writers and their trials and victories. A book that loves books. The theme: the power of stories. A motif: what are the eyes saying, what sort of house exists behind those windows, look to the eyes. The prose: refined, delicate and lovely. The feel: wispy and evanescent. The result: it was like a nap in the park on a sunny, breezy day, a nap full of little dreams, all these little connected dreams within one enchanting dream. I imagine I was smiling throughout this happy dream; I woke from it still smiling.
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