Ichel Heerschop-Cecilia

Ichel Heerschop-Cecilia is an empathic and energetic Business Mom on a mission. She teaches mothers how to use their talents to flourish in both their personal as well as their business lives.
Ichel is the #1 Business Life Coach for Moms in The Netherlands. She is a renown speaker who is fluent in many languages, such as Dutch, English, and Spanish.
Ichel works with local and international business moms.
Being a mother herself, Ichel understands the challenges of balancing a successful business and family. She started her first home-based business on Curacao, trading handmade snacks and jewelry at the age of 13.
She made a career in the Netherlands, working as a Legal Social Counsellor for 12 years.
In the year 2009, Ichel started her first coaching business which she still runs successfully to this day.
Applying her own method ‘The new way of growing your business’, Ichel guides Business Moms on their journey to success. Her methodology focusses on Mindset & Lifestyle, Health & Business Leadership.
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